white balance

White balance:

  1.  Auto – A simple failsafe mode for snapshots, but the white balance may vary from one shot to the next, and you may not get the colors you want.
  2. Incandescent – This is the closest match for regular domestic lighting and will correct the color much more effectively than auto white balance.
  3. Fluorescent –  This comes in different types and current D-SLR offer no fewer than 7 alternatives.
  4. Direct sunlight – calibrated to give neutral colors under midday sun.
  5. Cloudy – Light has a cooler tone under a cloudy sky and this present will warm up the colors.
  6.  Shade – this is designed for open shade under a blue sky. This will give more natural looking tones.
  7. PRE – sometimes its impossible to predict the outcome of lighting so this helps regulate it.
  8. White balance overall helps the adjustments of light and make shooting pictures easier.

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